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Welcome to Training for Android developers. We provide training to people, and our members tell us that Xorsat helps them stay ahead of software updates, pick up brand-new skills, switch careers, land promotions, and explore new hobbies.

Android Module I

  • ­Create and Brief Overview of First Project

  • ­Layouts and Styles, User Interface Concepts.

  • ­Switching Multiple Screens, Preferences API

  • Creating Data Model Layer, Custom Java Class.

  • ­ListView and Adapters

  • ­Intents And Intent Filters

  • ­Multitasking & sync task

  • ­Publishing App on PlayStore

Android Module II

  • ­Activity, Services, Broadcast Receiver & Content Provider

  • ­Call REST services using HTTP Client

  • ­JSON Parsing and POJO

  • SQLite Configuration

  • ­Calling SQLite Methods

  • ­GCM API Configuration on Cloud

  • ­Receiving GCM & Notification

  • ­Google MAP­API