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Web Development

Welcome to Training for Android developers. We provide training to people, and our members tell us that Xorsat helps them stay ahead of software updates, pick up brand-new skills, switch careers, land promotions, and explore new hobbies.

What can we help you do?

web development


Web Development Course Outline




 Module I





jQuery UI





Learning Outcomes

  • At the conclusion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Create local HTML pages and move them to a remote web server.

  • Design and develop basic web pages using HTML and CSS.

  • Link pages so that they create a Web site.

  • Design and develop web pages using CSS styles, internal and/or external style

Week 1: Design Principles

Lesson 1 – Introduction Html

Lesson 2 – Finding Design Ideas According to BRD / SRS

Lesson 3 – Basics of Design Color, Graphics and Fonts

Lesson 4 – Page Layout - Navigation and Flow

Lesson 5 – Html Form - Grids

Week 2: Design Principles – Exercise

Week 3: Design Style Principles

Lesson 1 – Introduction Css

Lesson 2 – Applying Concepts and Elements to Design

Lesson 3 – Page Layout - Navigation and Flow

Week 4: Design Style Principles – Exercise

Week 5: Design Animation Principles

Lesson 1 – Introduction Jquery / JavaScript

Lesson 2 – Applying Banners Slider and Scroll and Dialog to Design

Lesson 3 – Form Validation and Grids Searching

Week 6: Design Animation Principles – Exercise



  • Real Time Project Based Training

  • Online Learning Management System.

  • Evaluation of students with Quiz & Assignments.

  • Dedicated Concentration on each student during Lab.

  • Course material and Installation guideline will be given to students.

  • Xorsat Certificate upon successful completion of course.

What We Expect :

  • Know how of programming.

  • Experience as developer will be good.

  • Preferably from computer science background.